Is PHP Beneficial For Web Development?

Is PHP Beneficial For Web Development?

The World Wide Web, or W3, is a universal system of internet servers that are meant to support a set of uniquely formatted documents. This formatting is done in HTML, which stands for Hypertext Markup Language, which is a language that supports linkage to other similar documents, along with graphics, audio and video files, and so on. This is the part of the Internet that contains Websites and Web pages. It was invented by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland in 1989, and are composed of pages linked by HTML. PHP abbreviates to Hypertext Pre-Processor. PHP script can only be transcribed and interpreted on a server on which PHP has been previously installed, and is used for Web Development. In this Article, the Benefits of PHP for Web Development is studied and analyzed.

What is Web Development

Web Development is the creative developmental work done in order to expand the scope and use of a Website for the Internet or the Intranet. This Web Development can range from a simple single page of static and plain text to a highly complex and dynamic electronic business applications and social interactions on the Network. In general terms, web developers come after the design has been created by the Client or a Design Team, and take the non-design part to turn this into a Website. Information is the key to modern business, and interaction with customers is the key. For this, a website is essential, in order not only to advertise and market products and services but also to collect feedback for analysis, in order to strategize for the future. Dynamic Websites fulfill these functions conveniently.

Using PHP

PHP is known for being a convenient general-purpose server side open source scripting language which can develop both Static or Dynamic Web Applications or Websites. It is HTML embedded, which makes it especially suitable for Web Development. Unlike Javascript, PHP executes the code on the server first. The clients therefore cannot know the actual contents of the code, but can use to it to produce observable results. This is great for webmasters who want certain capabilities, but don’t have the skills to produce it. Many sites fall into this category with everything from dating apps and free local sex websites to ecommerce and content-heavy informational websites.


Web Developers are particularly partial to PHP. The Benefits of PHP for Web Development are as follows:

  • Beginners are probably the biggest beneficiaries of using PHP for Web Development. Simple scripts in PHP can be produced by Beginners in only a few hours, unlike any of its competitors, which must first be mastered wholly before useful work.
  • The fact that PHP is server-side, and therefore can embed the code in HTML, makes PHP convenient for client-side usage.
  • PHP may have a simple approach for beginners, but it also offers many advanced features for advanced programmers.
  • All three can be run on the home PC, and produce useful results.
  • Desktop applications can also be created using PHP, though this may not be its best area.
  • PHP-GTK is an extension of PHP, and can be used for desktop applications, but must be acquired separately.
  • Thus, PHP offers independence of use, choice of OS, and a web server. It can auto-generate these files, and output any text, such as any XML file.