Is PHP Beneficial For Web Development?

Is PHP Beneficial For Web Development?

The World Wide Web, or W3, is a universal system of internet servers that are meant to support a set of uniquely formatted documents. This formatting is done in HTML, which stands for Hypertext Markup Language, which is a language that supports linkage to other similar documents, along with graphics, audio and video files, and so on. This is the part of the Internet that contains Websites and Web pages. It was invented by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland in 1989, and are composed of pages linked by HTML. PHP abbreviates to Hypertext Pre-Processor. PHP script can only be transcribed and interpreted on a server on which PHP has been previously installed, and is used for Web Development. In this Article, the Benefits of PHP for Web Development is studied and analyzed.

What is Web Development

Web Development is the creative developmental work done in order to expand the scope and use of a Website for the Internet or the Intranet. This Web Development can range from a simple single page of static and plain text to a highly complex and dynamic electronic business applications and social interactions on the Network. In general terms, web developers come after the design has been created by the Client or a Design Team, and take the non-design part to turn this into a Website. Information is the key to modern business, and interaction with customers is the key. For this, a website is essential, in order not only to advertise and market products and services but also to collect feedback for analysis, in order to strategize for the future. Dynamic Websites fulfill these functions conveniently.

Using PHP

PHP is known for being a convenient general-purpose server side open source scripting language which can develop both Static or Dynamic Web Applications or Websites. It is HTML embedded, which makes it especially suitable for Web Development. Unlike Javascript, PHP executes the code on the server first. The clients therefore cannot know the actual contents of the code, but can use to it to produce observable results. This is great for webmasters who want certain capabilities, but don’t have the skills to produce it. Many sites fall into this category with everything from dating apps and free local sex websites to ecommerce and content-heavy informational websites.


Web Developers are particularly partial to PHP. The Benefits of PHP for Web Development are as follows:

  • Beginners are probably the biggest beneficiaries of using PHP for Web Development. Simple scripts in PHP can be produced by Beginners in only a few hours, unlike any of its competitors, which must first be mastered wholly before useful work.
  • The fact that PHP is server-side, and therefore can embed the code in HTML, makes PHP convenient for client-side usage.
  • PHP may have a simple approach for beginners, but it also offers many advanced features for advanced programmers.
  • All three can be run on the home PC, and produce useful results.
  • Desktop applications can also be created using PHP, though this may not be its best area.
  • PHP-GTK is an extension of PHP, and can be used for desktop applications, but must be acquired separately.
  • Thus, PHP offers independence of use, choice of OS, and a web server. It can auto-generate these files, and output any text, such as any XML file.

PHP Frameworks Compared

PHP Frameworks Compared

Make Web Development A Lot Faster Than It Was Before

Technology is becoming extremely advanced, it isn’t like how it was before, and more new tech is being made to make processes easier and less complicated. Now if you take writing a book for example it is just writing it on a piece of paper and putting it all together, that’s how it was back then. But now you can do in on the computer too, this isn’t that hard of a task. Websites are also forms of reading materials, but it is much harder to create than some book online. There are specific coding that you need to learn, and programs that need to be installed. This can all get too complicated, and messy, hence the reason easier methods were made to increase the pace of creating and writing websites. One way is through frameworks, generally speaking about the PHP frameworks. There are tons of frameworks available, you just have to know what is best for you.

If you want the most effective and efficient then you can look for PHP frameworks compared to other frameworks and see what the best, ideal one for you is. If you find one then make sure you install because if you’re a web developer it will not be possible for you to do business without it. Because if you’re not quick enough then there is no way that any one is going to hire you for making their websites.

What Are Frameworks?

When you create something it can not be done of the bat, there needs to be some kind of structure. Say you’re building a house, you have all the plans and you’re getting ready to build it, you know that you can’t build it from the top up. And you can’t start decorating and such because the first thing you need to do is establish the foundation. Well that’s exactly what a framework is. It is a foundation for building programs for a specific platform, these are used to develop an application. A framework could include predefined functions and classes that can be used in the input process, or to manage hardware, or to interact with system software.

Frameworks are similar to an application programming interface, frameworks could include code libraries, compilers and more that is used in software development. There are different types of frame works, most of the popular ones being Cocoa Touch for ios, ActiveX for Windows and so on.

When considering frameworks PHP frameworks also have to be taken into account. If you don’t know what PHP is well it is one of the most popular scripting languages up to date. PHP frameworks helps to increase the rapid development of an application. The workings behind this are based on model view controller, this is an architectural pattern in programming. It isolate the business from the UI. What this does is break up the development process of the application, this allow you to work on the individual elements, this is good so that if mistake are made it won’t affect the other elements.

Why Should You Use This?

If you’re a web developer then you must have this, it is a necessity for you because it will help you increase the speed of the development process. Coding can be exhausting especially if you have to rewrite the same codes over and over again. But with PHP it will keep those codes in mind and reuse them. So you don’t have to write them over and over again, which will save you tons of time while speeding up the process.

Also like I said coding can get a bit complicated, especially for beginners, they could write code without even knowing that they made errors which opened up large security gaps, which is not good for the application and its users. With PHP framework you can tie up the loose ends without having any security breaches. So this provides stability for web developers. Plus this language can be very forgiving and can work even if mistakes are made, but it is important to make no mistake as there could be some drawbacks to it.

Furthermore the availability of PHP frameworks is high, there are tons and tons of different frameworks that you can choose from. You could even make your own frameworks, it is that easy. But most decide to stick with what they know is the best and choose from that. All of this will depend on your project, you will have to consider how long it will take you how long the project is and so on. For example many adult websites utilize specific php frameworks. Whether they are reviewing adult sites like hookup dating reviews or are actual adult dating sites like or forums like USASexGuide, there is a need for maintenance and updates. When using a popular framework there are a lot of freelance developers that can work on an adult site.

How To Choose The Right Frameworks For You

Like I said there are tons of frameworks that are available, but you have to know what will be the best option for you. It’s important to look for the best PHP frameworks compared to the other so that you have an idea of what you want. When you are on the search for the best it’s important that you keep in mind who will be using, for what purpose, and if you will be modifying it. You should also look at the popularity of it, if more people are using it that means that it is a good framework.

When you are searching you should look for factors like how easy it is to use, how rapid the development will be when using it, check out the feature and what it offers as well. All frameworks are slightly different, so the best thing for you to do would be to check out some and test it out before you commit to it, then you’ll be able to find out which one you want.

One popular framework is Zend Framework, this is good because it has been around for a long time, and it is filled with features and has an extensive support system. But if you take a look at the CakePHP it is much younger, and has less of a support system. However it is easy and user friendly. So trying out both won’t be an issue.

A Brief Introduction To PHP

A Brief Introduction To PHP

Learning About the Different Things Related to PHP Programming Language

The HTML embedded scripting language which is utilized for dynamic web applications is PHP. The code of PHP is said to be interspersed with HTML to create simple web pages which are dynamic. It needs the processor of PHP as it runs in plain text scripts on only computers which are PHP enabled. You can make executable files which are standalone binary. The syntax of PHP is obtained from Java, Perl, and C. This language is the open source innovation and runs on many of the web servers and operating systems.

The history of story of PHP programming language

In 1994 it was written in the language of C programming by Rasmus Lerdorf for observing his own data and online resume. This language become the personal home page and was released as PHP/FI on the month of 8th June. The other two programmers Andi gutsman and zeey suraski remade the core of PHP and launched the outcome PHP/FI 2 in the year of 1997. Then it was later altered as PHP which was a hypertext pre-processor. In the year of 1998, PHP 3 was introducing as the first utilized version. Later PHP 4 was released in the year May 2000 with the fresh PHP core. It was named and known as Zend Engine. Over PHP 3, PHP 4 was launched as the one with more reliability and enhanced speed. PHP 4 is the one which added references to COM support on Windows, Boolean type, extended object-oriented programming, various new array operations, and many more, The PHP 4 maintenance releases are still accessible to the individual for updates of security.

The PHP 5 version was launched in the year 2004 in the month of July with the upgraded Zend Engine 2.0 with the highlights like enhanced object oriented programming, support for the new MySQL highlights, embedded SQLite, exception handling utilizing the structure of try and catch, incorporated SOAP support, best XML devices, iterators, and Filter library etc.

In the year of 2006, in the month of October, PHP 6 has been developed. It brought the important change and support for the Unicode. The deprecated highlights and unpopular magic quotes, safe mode, and register global variable has been disappeared in PHP 6. Even though it is utilized for the generation of server side of creating the web pages, it can also be utilized in performing the command line scripting. With the help of GTK+, it can be used to make graphical applications.

Benefits of PHP:

  • It is independent of platform and it is supported by all of the operating systems such as Linux, windows operating system, and Unix etc. You can incorporate it with other programming languages and database in an easy way.
  • It is free of cost and open source programming language.
  • It is easier and simple to learn the code fast.
  • The connection is made secure when you connect PHP framework to the database.
  • Compared with another programming language, this is the fastest one and its applications are easily loaded.

Here is a video that offers a good introduction to PHP as well:

Thus, this is the history of PHP and the benefits of using this programming language.